KStarNFT Introduction

KStarNFT presents the world-famous K-pop idols, actors, models, and celebrities to fans around the world through KStarLive's various partners such as broadcasting stations, entertainment labels, and magazine groups.

K-pop fans and fans of Hallyu around the world can possess NFT collections of their favorite K-pop Idol groups performing on music programs or your favorite actors in the movies and dramas.

The Motive

K-pop fandoms have a strong notion that you are a ‘true fan’ only if you buy the K-pop fandoms have a strong notion that you are a ‘true fan’ only if you buy the goods of their favorite stars. For example, when an artist releases an album, EP or single, fans think it’s their duty to help its success by purchasing physical copies to make it reach No.1 on music charts. That’s part of the fan activity. Such behavior makes fans purchase 100-300 copies of CD albums even In the age of online streaming. The fundamental reason for purchasing CDs boils down to whether you consider yourself a fan of the act. Among the many, possessing a photocard is also a big part of fan supporting activity.
As the K-pop fandom culture expanded its reach to foreign fans, they have now joined on the effort and are demonstrating their buying power.

The progress

Starting with Q3 in 2021, we have seen an amazing phenomenon meeting various K-pop fans and crypto users through the world's largest global exchanges such as Binance and Gate.Io

we’ve witnessed K-pop fandom unfamiliar with crypto industry encountered NFT technology to support their favorite artists, and naturally encountered blockchain cultures such as airdrop, token purchase. On the other side, for the Crypto users also encountered K-pop artists through NFT and some even became a fan of K-pop.
Take aways from our campaign with the exchanges was that we’ve seen such an infinite potential in the NFT market with K-pop contents.

Our vision

Our primary goal is to convert the physical K-pop merchandise such as photocard into NFT and bring the existing K-pop fandoms into crypto world and have them benefit from the blockchain technologies. We believe the NFT will bring the artists and kpop fans closer and benefit both sides. Also as we’ve seen throughout the campaign, KStarNFT will further spread the Hallyu trends worldwide

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